With one easy click to download all the product images on AliExpress
These features include:
  • Download all main images.
  • Download all variants images (if applicable).
  • Download all images in the description.
  • Download all images by customer feedback (if applicable).
  • Crop & Resize images (beta).
Important: Go to Chrome Settings - Unchecked "Ask where to save each file before downloading"

New Version (LTS)

Before using, read carefully: Privacy and cookies policy

How to use

(1) The original image download button will appear when moving the mouse on each product.Clicked only once to download all of images (main images, variant images, images in description, images in feedback depending on settings).
(2) The basic information about the size of the product images, the images of a product can have different sizes.
(3) Click this button to make the changes the image size with list of available sizes
To create or edit the available sizes, you can see more in the resize settings.
(1) Download all images
(2) Resize button
(3) Download all variants images

General settings

Access Extensions - Download AliExpress Product images - Options -> Settings -> General to see table settings
Check or uncheck the features you want.
Limit the number of feedback page: To be limited for many products, which included illustrations feeedback up to thousands of pages, if you download all, it would be very time-consuming.
After changing the settings, you must click [Save] to save.

Resize settings

Access Extensions - Download AliExpress Product images - Options -> Settings -> Resize to see table settings
[Resize Server Address]: to handle the resizing of multiple images simultaneously, it is required to have one server to perform this task.
You can manually add or edit / delete the dimensions in the above table.
Width: New width
Height: New height
Type: [Stretch, Crop, Embed]: The images on AliExpress products are usually equal width and height, for example (800x800 pixels , 1000x1000 pixels ...), but sometimes It also have one product that contains a few pictures with different width and height.
Stretch: Ignoring the aspect ratio of the input, stretch the image to the exact width and/or height.
Crop: Crop the resized image to the exact size specified
Embed: Preserving aspect ratio, resize the image to the maximum width or height specified then embed on a transparent background of the exact width and height specified (format: PNG).
If the product with width and height are equal and you need to change to the new size with equal width and height, you do not need to pay attention to [stretch, crop or embed]
Here is an example of one of the original image of a product with different width & height (640x793 pixels), while the other images of that product size (800x800 pixels). Assuming you want to change the whole image of the product from 800x800 pixels to 1000x1000 pixels, the original image (640x793 pixels) will be as follows:
It can be seen:
Stretch: The product image is stretched so that the model in the photo looks "fatter"
Crop: The photo model is cutted a part of head and 2 feet
Embed: The original image is placed in one , the transparent background sizes 1000x1000 size so the model photo should not be changed, the image is saved as a PNG, and sometimes the file size will be bigger 2Mb.
The Auto Image Resize, I do more because of the request, so how to handle the interface and features as I think, has not been requested. This section i hope you use and suggest to help me complete. Thank you.
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