2.0.1 : fix bugs and add new feature: Download as zip
1.4.5: fix not download description images
1.3.0 - 1.3.5: fix some bugs
1.2.9: set default option : Convert all images to jpeg format...
1.2.8: Convert all images to jpeg format, because some images in webp format are not viewable on the computer (check option "Convert all images to jpeg format" in General settings).
1.2.7: add download video button. How to find product with video description, see here :
1.2.6: fixed feedback images.
1.2.5: fixed feedback images.
1.2.4: fixed feedback images.
1.2.3: fixed feedback images.
1.2.2: allow resize variants images & description images (resize configs)
1.2.0: fixed resize button not working.
1.1.9: settings : create folders based on product name.
1.1.4 : fixed feedback images.
1.1.3 : fixed pagination unusable.
1.1.2 : fixed button not show in product page on countries verison.
1.1.1 : fixed some error in the store pages.
1.1.0 : add resize button to product page.
1.0.9 : added crop & resize images.
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